Louisiana Sexy Date

Name: Judith
Nickname: Unbelievableromeo
Age 20
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71055
City: Minden
Interest: Adult personals ads
I am five feet four blonde hair green eyes . i love at home with my parents but i am trying to get my own place soon. that darn down payment. anyway, i work probably too much but i like to mmet my girfriends for drinks on firiday nights.
Name: Anna
Nickname: Temptingstrawberry
Age 38
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71416
City: Derry
Interest: Local mature sex
I'm 23. i'm 6'1. i'm 200 pounds. i'm pretty built, but i'm still chasing that elusive six-pack (i'm close!). brown hair. green eyes. i'm a recent college graduate entering the business world. i love to ... oh, and if it's important, my cock is 8.5" long.
Name: Lisa
Nickname: Gigglyinspiration
Age 39
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71250
City: Jones
Interest: Local chat
Hot latin....26....5'7...150....hiv neg...clean...discreet...masculine...
Name: Madison
Nickname: Charmingdevotion
Age 23
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71118
City: Shreveport
Interest: Cute women
Im a fun and loving guy. i don't do drama and like a women who knows what she wants.
Name: Christina
Nickname: Preciousheartbeat
Age 31
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71422
City: Dodson
Interest: Independent escort
Im tall fairly good looking in good shape and i work quite a bit so i dont get out too much
Name: Alice
Nickname: Enchantedlust
Age 28
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71433
City: Calcasieu
Interest: Local naked singles
I am a guy that has to admit that i enjoy watching kinky things, i have to some credit for that ... right?
Name: Elizabeth
Nickname: Princessbutt
Age 24
State: Louisiana
Zip: 70358
City: Grand Isle
Interest: Playful ladies
Happily married professional man not looking to change my situation, just want to spice up some areas in my life. i enjoy reading, bicycling, weightlifting, hiking, movies, softball, bowling and sex. soft green eyes, blond hair.
Name: Sarah
Nickname: Gigglehusband
Age 39
State: Louisiana
Zip: 70447
City: Madisonville
Interest: Meet a rich man
I am a young fit male. blonde hair, blue eyes, and a killer smile.
Name: Evelyn
Nickname: Crimsonbrain
Age 29
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71002
City: Ashland
Interest: Couple personals
I am a 23 year old man trying to fimd someone to have a good time with and climax together
Name: Kathleen
Nickname: Amorousbutt
Age 37
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71219
City: Baskin
Interest: Fuck now
Professional and clean cut, take decent care of myself physically, my job and my family life tends to keep me a little on the calmer side so looking to find some discreet friends that i can let loose with and just have some good kinky fun
Name: Nicole
Nickname: Sweethunter
Age 28
State: Louisiana
Zip: 70090
City: Vacherie
Interest: Mature singles
I work alot, but when i'm companied i always give them my complete attention. i like to be crazy and do things on the edge. i also like to lounge around and do nothing. i like to be around people and socialize but i value my time alone.
Name: Denise
Nickname: Titillatingcheese
Age 22
State: Louisiana
Zip: 70714
City: Baker
Interest: Local escort
I am 5feet4 i weight 122 pounds iam i have a big ass and some big ass bries.
Name: Cynthia
Nickname: Bubblyanimal
Age 34
State: Louisiana
Zip: 70559
City: Midland
Interest: Old escorts
Just turned 18 at the end of november, still in high school. love rough sex, bdsm, doggy-style, and swallowing. =] i want to experience another guy before getting myself into a comitted relationship seeing as i've only been with one guy.
Name: Betty
Nickname: Celestialfireworks
Age 32
State: Louisiana
Zip: 70128
City: New Orleans
Interest: Old woman escort
I am mexican and black, i am very kinky and willing to start new things and try new things i am willing to learn and to exxperience orgasims i am clean and very laid back i work alot and at a hotel so i got the hook up !!!
Name: Evelyn
Nickname: Bbwhead
Age 33
State: Louisiana
Zip: 70781
City: Torbert
Interest: Sexy women
5'10 brown skinned have braids that hang to my shoulders very sexy wit sexy voice and medium build and alsoi a freak